Learning from Victoria Falls and Livingstone

With the support of the ICLD, a group of international researchers gathered with local governments to explore childhood matters. The aim of this unusual encounter of research and practice was to conceptualise a new analytical framework that will enhance the work of local governments by enabling a more child-focused transformation of their respective territories in pursuit of sustainable development goals (SDG).

The researchers had a chance to explore contextual specificities around the participation of children and youth in their everyday life environments with municipality representatives of Victoria Falls (Zimbabwe) and Livingstone (Zambia). This joint learning fieldwork exercise offered an opportunity for both authorities and researchers to get a better overview of childhood matters. 

Such an exploration and cross-sectoral collaboration lay a foundation for more context-specific policy development and implementation. Learnings from Victoria Falls and Livingstone have provided valuable material evidence for further development of the analytical framework while offering critical insights to local governments for more informed and child-focused decision-making.

Škograd had an exceptional opportunity to facilitate and take part in this exchange and is looking forward to bringing these learnings back home.

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