Learnings from Schoolartcity

Celebrating and manifesting what we have learned in the past two years of our partnership in the framework of the Schoolarcity Project marked the end of this incredible journey of collective exploration and opened up a path towards our further development.

SCHOOL + ART + CITY, now we know, is a powerful trinity that has the capacity to expand our worldview and enable a more context-specific response to our everyday challenges and our long-term commitments.

By holding each other’s hands we look into our shared experience while we guide ourselves further into the unknown. The joy of such a reverse movement forward is in mutual care, compassion and recognition.

The world ahead is effective, brave, contagious, giggling, calming, entangled, stable, juicy, full of stories, synergic, disruptive, messy, tasty, wondering, exploratory, funny, experimental, OURS!