Schoolaboratory 003: play activity

Get ready to fly! 

Destination – playscapes within project RE:PLAY

Duration – three years!

Let’s play! … Today on the 28th of May, all over the globe everyone is celebrating World Play Day, but for us in Škograd everyday is worth being called Worldly & Škograd’s! Long live the play!

Play is a way of living, through play we build friendships, we learn and we create the world around us! Sometimes playing is easy, sometimes it is not, but in play there is always place for more.

Our circle & our ŠK-cloud has expanded, and partners from Slovenia – Pazi!park, Croatia – Kreativni krajobrazi , Montenegro – Gradionica and Albania – Qendra Marrëdhënie, have stepped in ready and playfully! Together with children from the region, and children of Ledine,  we will think about the value and the significance of play, about its site and about its look. 

In times when we have been stuck at our homes, we got a call to join forces to work together with children on re:thinking, re:imagining, re:creating the playscape in the Western Balkan – a new design practice! We accepted this call with joy, it gave us a space for playing in our minds and looking forward to playtime in the times of pandemic. Our joint project proposal was recognised in the sea of numerous applications that came to the same pull of Creative Europe call, we named it RE:PLAY meaning Redesigning playscape with Children in Western Balkans. This long title hides well known words – Let’s play!

project timeline

Today, at World Play Day we are launching our project! Our journey will be diverse and it will last for the full three years. It is important to say that these three years will be years of learning through play. As we play, we will strongly emphasize the importance of play – that play matters, that play is necessary, and that we must provide quality space for it to flourish, to be shaped, re-designed, passed from generation to generation in order to enrich our everyday life.

As every year for the past five years, everything will spin at the good old place – at the Ledine Summer School. We play to be free!

More about Re:Play on our new website

In the past three years together with children and youth we have been co-creating a DREAM PATH in the schoolyard of Vlada Obradović Kameni elementary school.

Join us on our dreampath and take a glimpse of our process in these videos!

Understanding the play:

Imagining dreampath:

Dreampath camethrough:

Our journey has officially ended, and we are happy to share with you our learnings:

A Handbook on play, playscapes co-creation, Western Balkans and other stories.

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Click to look through the handbook 

A study on Playscape typology in the Western Balkans: