Škograd was here: Unlearning talks @ START

The Action Research Centre Škograd was live in Thessaloniki talking about more equitable cities.

As the lockdown unfolded, culture was perceived as a source of well-being, solidarity and resilience as witnessed, for example, by the spontaneous concerts performed from balconies in different cities all around the world. Yet, harnessing culture and creativity in the cities of our region as a vehicle to become more inclusive, more just, and in general happier places to live, is something that still has not been achieved. In this talk, obstacles, pitfalls and new inventive ways to reshape our cities with sociocultural work that put people at the center will be explored.

taken from the official webpage of the event
video recording of the session

This talk was made possible with the support of the International Relief Fund of the German Federal Foreign Office, Goethe-Institut Belgrad, and other partners: www.goethe.de/relieffund.