Urban Hub 02 – stage – Workshop 01

Writes: Natalija Ostojić

Photos: Ivan Gradišar

Beginning of December, our urban hub gains a new dimension when the team from Berlin joined us at the two days workshop.

When we came to the conclusion that one basic circle with a grandstand is all it takes so we can knot our schoolyard, a stage was incredible addition which could complete the atmosphere of an event, open-air classroom, theater and of course our Schoolaboratory! That’s why our hearts were full when the amazing team from Berlin called us with a desire to help us with accomplishing this dream!

They were thinking and planning how we can make a stage in the schoolyard together with us: Konrad Braun- urban researcher and architect, founder of platform Open Berlin and independent research group Hidden Institute; and Miodrag Kuč- interdisciplinary artist and urban theorist who is a project coordinator at ZK/U (Center for Art and Urbanistics). Within this center in Berlin, they are exploring new ways of knowledge production through the lens of critical urban pedagogy, which led us to cooperate and work together on this project.


Rethinking about this simple but at the same time very complex idea, as the stage is, our research that we did through last year both locally and through series of discussions with experts, made it much easier.

Through two intensive days of work, we concluded that its very important for us to involve in every stage of the process neighborhood, school, and the kids; that we wish to form a stage around the programme during the whole year and that it should contain modular elements which will revive at various places in Ledine.

To achieve these goals we decided to make a second workshop with the neighborhood and school where we will together come to the final decisions, because how else!


Our Urban Hub started with many ideas and imaginations, we are excited that some of those creations are soon become a reality!

Get ready, the show is starting soon!!