Schoolaboratory 006

The joy of re-encountering each other every year in the open public space of the Ledine neighbourhood paved the way to a new round of context-specific and caring exploration into childhood matters. In the framework of the Re:Play Project we have successfully organised yet another summer school adding to our long-term participatory action research in the area.

The gravitational force of our circle once again brought us together to embody our collectivity and care for each other and for the world around us. It enabled us to explore and draw contours of the realm of play that is among us. By engaging in a series of playful activities, day by day, we have been translating our ideas, merging them into a collective image – the podium of our play.

By exploring different scales we have envisioned our further development and presented it to our neighbourhood. The traces we left behind and seeds we planted within our hearts and minds will hopefully grow and emerge into a playscape that will offer a space for the play of us all.