Schoolaboratory 001

Schoolaboratory 001 is a summer school that we organized in cooperation with Primary School “Vlada Obradovic”, in the schoolyard and settlement in June 2016. In it, we created a world of communion and creativity that we want to become part of our everyday life.

During May and early June, we prepared summer school through workshops at school together with librarians and students.

During the first day, we were introduced through the game and making it together. On the second and third day, we were divided into thematic groups in which we worked on the design of text, music and choreography to represent the school, and in designing a scenery where performance in the yard would be performed. The fourth day was marked by the creation of instruments from recycled materials and the joint creation of a mental map of the settlement, and the fifth day projection of animated films in the yard, where even more neighbours joined us. On the sixth day, we decided to rest after going to the concert of the Belgrade Philharmonic on Ušće, and the seventh day was full of activities: from yoga practice through shooting a film about a school from science fiction to making invitations to celebrate the end of summer school. On the eighth and final day, we spent in a celebration and socializing with our neighbours, with an exhibition of materials that we made over the past week.

Behind us were wonderful memories, and with us joyful anticipation of reunion and joint creation.